At beginning of this project wanted to use the website as a metaphor, a turn of  page, a turn of a day. As you scroll down the page you move through 24 hours. So initially I wrote about each day. Then I found Tim rodenbröker’s creative coding course and could only give my full attention to his tutorials. I realised, this project will be process led. The sinks are from an old riba catalogue. I was feeling sad about the lack of using tactile material. Being a process led brief feeling out of my comfort zone, but I think this will be a slow burner. Learning code is not something you can rush, I like the idea that this project will be added to. Over 5 weeks I’ve learnt the power processing code has. It is actually very experimental and playful. I like that you can use so many different types of data to generate imagery. The work flow evolved as I understood more of the code. Using outcomes from a tutorial and working that imagery into another.. creating a generative body of work. Looking back at all the experimentation, I can see my mind making connections and relationships. Using the textures and the pace as starting points.

All rights reserved. Lelia Aluwihare (2020)